Underwater Ice Fishing Camera, ANYSUN 4.3 Inch IPS Monitor IP68 Waterproof Fish Cam Color HD Video 1000TVL Infrared LED with DVR, Underwater Viewer Gift Gear for Ocean Lake (15m/49ft)

Item No.: KK-SY008DG-15M-IR-001
【Maximize Your Ability to Find Fish】Underwater camera for fishing is an excellent fisherman gear for locating all sorts of fishes with the beautiful 4.3" high resolution color IPS full viewing angle color screen with useful data such as timestamps, date, and battery status, remind you charging in time. Ice fishing camera also has a sun-visor to make it easier to view during sunny days or can be used as a protection from snowy days, more fun for fishing!
【Ease of Use and Portable Fish Finder System】This all-in-one light weight waterproof underwater fishing camera is design to be portable when needing to carry for long distances as well as containing the entire system in a custom made container that will assure that your device is properly protected. Spend less time trying to figure out how to the underwater fishing camera HD with our simple yet convenient easy to use fish finder and spend more time exploring the water for aquatic life.
【Record Video with Sound and Share with Others】Portable fishing camera is built to look like a fish to not scare the other fish nearby and instead lure them in and you have the ability to record video with sound by the DVR function and we also include 8GB MicroSD card to record with excellent 145-degrees wide angle. The ice fishing camera underwater also includes 6 infrared lights that will make it super easy to see fish at night.
【Long Lasting Battery Life】Portable fishing finder system includes a 5000mAh battery which is tightly secured inside the protective case and can power your fish cam for up to 5-6 hours. With your purchase you will also receive special brackets that make it easy to install your fishing video camera with your fishing rod giving you the freedom to either maneuver the camera by hand or by the fishing rod.
【Versatility and Excellent Customer Service】Our premium built underwater ice fishing cameras is the best gift for people who like fishing and is an excellent product that fits in many settings such as going Ice fishing, deep sea fishing, lake, rivers, ponds and with the included fishing rod brackets you have the convenience to set the sea fishing camera while on a boat or kayak at ease. Our team is committed at providing fast and reliable customer service.

Do you or your partner enjoy fishing?

Have you ever seen what type of fish almost went for your bait?

Would you be interested in knowing?

With our Underwater Fish Finder Camera, you can!


The 4.3” underwater fish finding system with DVR function, able to record and take photos,provides crystal clear video and pictures to view. The ice fishing fish camera features a high resolution 4.3 inch monitor and durable cable. The underwater fish cam includes infrared lighting and moves quietly through the water without spooking away the fish. Also includes built-in lithium-ion battery and battery charger for 5-6 hours of working time.


Boat fishing camera is an excellent gift for any fish enthusiast or someone looking to start a new hobby in fishing!

Camera Specification:

Resolution: 1000TVL

White Balance: Auto

Viewing Angle: 145°

Infrared Lights: 6 IR LED lights

Cable Length: 15M

Cable Maximum Tension: 60 KG


Monitor Specification:

Dimension: 4.3 inch LCD

Video Format: AVI

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

Working Time: 5-6 Hours

Adapter Requirement: 5V, 1A or 2A

Operation Temperature: -20°C - +60°C

Storage Temperature: -30°C - +80°C

Package Includes:

1 x 4.3'' Monitor

1 x Underwater Camera with 15m cable

1 x Set of Lateral Detecting Bracket

1 x Set of Brackets for Fishing Rod

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Float/Bobber

1 x Sun-visor/Snow-visor

1 x 8GB MicroSD Card(Max Support 32GB)

1 x Instruction Manual

Warming Note:

1. Master power switch on the side, when you do not use, please close switch, if not, it will continue to consume electricity.

2. If deep water camera indicator show blue, it means charging finished.