Anysun Sewer Camera with Locator, 100ft Drain Camera with 512Hz Sonde Transmitter and Receiver, Plumbing Camera has 7 inch LCD Monitor and DVR to Record Pictures Videos with 8GB SD Card

Item No.: MT-7D1-512TR-30M-DVR
【Professional Sewer Camera with Locator】High-quality 512Hz wire locator makes it easy to work along your 512 Hertz built-in sonde inside the probe-tip camera head. The 512hz locator receives the signal from the transmitting sonde and allows you to accurately locate the inspected area. The duct inspection camera is a must-have tool for any plumbers looking to ease the process to locate any problems when inspecting any pipeline system.
【Come with 512Hz Transmitter and Receiver】The professional 512hz frequency detector locator works with the 512hz receiver to find the location more quickly and accurately. When the 512hz signal is weak, you can choose the far mode (Detecting depth: 23 feet). When the 512hz signal is strong, you can choose the near mode(Detecting depth: 13 feet). The locator wand can be disassembled into two parts making it ideal when traveling to different work sites.
【HD IP68 Waterproof Camera & DVR Recorder】The snake inspection camera uses a CCD color camera display that provides the user with ultra-clear and crisp imagery of the viewing outdoors. The plumbing snake camera with light has adjustable LED’s also allows for fine tuning of brightness to prevent unwanted glare when viewing. Record your project with the included DVR recording to view your videos and pictures.
【100ft of High Quality Premium Grade Video Cable】The heavy-duty drain camera push cable comes equipped in a fully protected carrying cage that allows for easy disbursement and recoiling. Suitable for pipes at 25 – 200mm (1 – 8 inches), fiber optic camera probe tip has a flexible spring at length of 4.7in/120mm, easily go through bend pipe at 45mm (2 inches).
【High Capacity Rechargeable Battery】This sewer camera is battery-powered and the battery is rechargeable. Plug it into a 110 Volt outlet to charge the power. The fully-charged battery can last up to 6 to 8 hours which should cover the working hours in a day. Charge during the night, use the next day. This pipe camera perfectly solves the hard work of inspecting sewer lines, drains, wells, wall, machinery, HVAC ductwork, tanks, general building inspection, railway inspection.