Sewer Camera Locator with Distance Meter Counter, 512Hz Transmitter and Receiver Pipe Cam with DVR Recorder IP68 Waterproof Plumbing Drain Camera with HD Monitor Cable 30M/100ft for Mechanic Plumbers

Item No.: MT-7D1-512TR-30M-DVR-DC
✔512Hz BUILT-IN TRANSMITTER & METER COUNTER: The drain camera has a built-in 512 hz transmitter in the probe tip, which helps to easily detect any obstructions or areas of interest. The sewer camera kit also has an accurate distance counter. The distance of the camera movement is displayed on the screen. You can check the distance of the cable into the pipeline in meters, allowing you to quickly and accurately pinpoint the transmitter's  position.
✔PROFESSIONAL 512Hz RECEIVER: This comes with 512Hz locator receiver can be used with your 512Hz sewer inspection camera and transmitter. It has two detecting mode. When the 512hz signal is weak, you can choose the far mode (Detecting depth: 23 feet). When the 512hz signal is strong, you can choose the near mode(Detecting depth: 13 feet). It can receive the signal from the transmitting sonde and allows you to accurately locate the area being inspected.
✔7" TFT MONITOR & DVR RECORDER: The waterproof & lightweight carrying case houses a 7" TFT color LCD screen and additional controls, including DVR box, to capture images and uncompressed video directly to an 8GB SD card (Can be up to 32GB). All our pipe cameras are equipped with high-resolution CCD video cameras, LED lights that provide excellent illumination even in the darkest environments, and features allowing you not only to capture the image but record and save it for future reference.
✔COST-EFFECTIVE PORTABLE DRAIN CAMERA: This inspection camera can reach and explore difficult spots in waste water systems, storm water systems, pipelines of different kind, drains, ducts and other hard-to-see areas. Having a pipe camera at your disposal can save you a lot of time, money and effort as you won't have to spend time guessing where the problem lies. It gets right to the spot, inspects it and provides you with a clear idea of what needs to be done.
✔EXCELLENT AFTER SALE SERVICE: Staffs in our customer service team have rich experience in after-sales service. Emails will be quickly responded within 24 hours. And in case you may need any help operating your Pipe Camera, we are fast to respond and provide you with any type of professional assistance.