Anysun Sewer Camera with Locator & Distance Counter, Self-Leveling Pipe Camera with 9" IPS Monitor and DVR Recorder Function, 1080P HD Drain Camera, IP68 Waterproof Pipe Locators with 165ft Cable

Item No.: HZDZ-SY5100DJKABTX-50M-5C-BK
Locator & Distance Counter: The camera head has a built in 512Hz sonde (radio transmitter), which allows a Anysun 512Hz receiver to be used on the surface in order to locate the position of the camera head. The distance counter function allows the distance of the camera moving shown on the screen, you can check the distance of the cable going inside the pipe and know where the clog is. The distance counter is used in conjunction with the locator to easily get the position of the problem.
9-inch IPS Screen & DVR Revorder: The 9'' screen offers a large image for pipe, drain and sewer inspections. This inspection camera system can record clear quality real time video which can be recorded at the touch of a button and save images to the 16GB SD card (up to 128GB) and then can be downloaded to a PC and emailed to customers. Built-in voice over recording lets you add commentary to your videos. Waterproof Keyboard can input the text information/symbols to mark events during the work.
Self-leveling plumber snake camera: This plumbing camera system is supplied with the improved 23mm self-balance camera, meaning that the image is the right way up every time. The camera is fitted with 12pcs adjustable brightness LEDs for use in dark drains and sewer pipes, to ensure that the image and videos are optimized for the conditions. In order to keep the camera centred within the pipe, we supply the kit with two skids, which can be easily and quickly fitted to the camera head.
IP68 Waterproof Plumbing Camera: Our color HD 1080P duct cameras with the dimensions 17 mm x 31 mm are ideal for maneuvering in narrow pipes. It sports 1080p resolution and boasts digital zoom which can reach up to 5X. With the 145 degree field of view of the camera, you can see everything clearly. The drainpipe camera has an IP68 waterproof rated, and also resistant to dust, dirt and sand making it suitable for use in and around water.
Quality Portable Drain Camera: The pipe camera designed to deliver high quality inspections of sewers, building ducts, wells, chimneys, and power plants. With all of the accessories stored in a durable hard plastic carrying case. The 50 meter long actuator cable is manufactured from sturdy fiberglass to provide flexibility and strength, and is wound on a reel system that allows the cable to be flushed after use.