Anysun Self-Leveling Sewer Camera with Locator, 9'' Pipe Drain Inspection Camera with 165ft Meter Marker Cable and DVR, Plumbing Snake Camera with 12 Adjustable Lights for Pipe Inspection

【Comes with 512Hz transmitter and locator】The pipe locator can pinpoint any location up to 23feet. The near/far switch is used in the ''far'' position when starting the locate, then switched to ''near'' when the signal gets stronger. In addition to watching the signal strength displayed by the pointer, the signal indicator make it clear to you that it has picked up the signal from the camera. Its user-friendly design ensures faster and more efficient locating, enhancing productivity effortlessly
【Self-leveling Sewer Camera】The drain camera has a IP68 Waterproof self-leveling pipe camera which provide you with consistently upright images, enabling better location. Its 4.7-inch super flexible spring can navigate through straight pipes at 25mm(1 inch), bend pipes at 45mm(2 inches) and almost 90° bend pipes at 150mm(6 inches). This plumbing camera has 12 adjustable LED lights that provide ample illumination in dark environments, ensuring a clear and bright image on the monitor.
【9'' Screen & DVR Record】The sewer inspection camera system features a 9-inch TFT color LCD monitor that provides a clear live inspection view. Additionally, the drain scope camera system includes a DVR function for storing videos and photos of the pipe inspection on the included 16GB SD card, which is conveniently located in the SD card slot next to the screen. To access your recordings, simply remove the SD card from the sewer camera's screen and insert it into your computer.
【Rechargeable Battery】The drain pipe camera comes with a 4500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, enabling hassle-free outdoor use. With just 4 hours of charging time, it can support 8-10 hours of continuous use. A brightness adjustment button on the battery allows you to display pipeline details at different levels of brightness. The battery indicator displays the remaining or charged capacity, providing quick access to detailed information about the battery's status.
【Economical & Utility】Instead of spending a high price on renting equipment or hiring a plumber to check for problems, you can have a budget-friendly sewer snake system. It is not just for pipe inspection - it can also be used to inspect sewer lines, pipeline vacuum systems, under-floor areas, inside walls, attics, and gutters. It's a useful tool to have on hand for future problems.