512hz Pipe Locator Receiver Underground Sewer Drain Pipe Camera 512hz Pipe Inspection Camera Locators Tool Kit for Plumbing and Septic Location Supports All Devices Using 512 Hertz Transmitter

Item No.: TR-512R receiver
【PREMIUM 512 Hz TRANSMITTERS】High-quality 512Hz wireless locator makes it easy to work along your 512 Hertz built-in sonde inside the probe-tip camera head. The 512hz locator receives the signal from the transmitting sonde and allows you to accurately locate the inspected area. It is a must-have tool for any plumbers looking to ease the process to locate any problems when inspecting any pipeline system. Only compatible with 512Hz Transmitters. Will not work with any other Transmission.
【ECONOMICAL & UTILITY】 This premium detector allows you to quickly pinpoint any blockages or breaks by locating the underground transmitter from your pipe inspection camera. This greatly reduces the amount of time digging to find the damage. The rod contains the antenna that picks up the 512Hz transmitter.
【PORTABLE AND DURABLE】 The locator wand can be disassembled into two parts making it easy to store all the accessories into the included hard plastic carrying case making it ideal when traveling to different work sites. Heavy-duty aluminum padded case protects the analog locator from getting damaged. High-density foam pads and double locks will keep your investment safe and secure.
【WIDELY COMPATIBLE】 Whether you’re a professional plumber or a DIY homeowner, the video snake locator wand is an indispensable part of your arsenal of tools. Ideal for both commercial and residential use and this transmitter is perfect for inspecting sewer lines, drain, HVAC ductwork, tanks, machinery, pipelines.
【EXCELLENT AFTER SALE SERVICE】 Our staff has much experience in the inspection camera industry and are ready to help if have any questions or concerns. We strive to have a rich experience in after-sales service. Emails will be quickly responded within 24 hours.

*The 512Hz Locator is designed to solve the most demanding remote transmitter (sonde) locates using multi-directional locating technology for sewer drain cameras.

*Senses electromagnetic fields emitted by objects underground

*The line tracer operates with 6 AA batteries that typically last approximately 30 hours.

*Continuous depth measurement and easy-to-read display

*Comes with a rugged carrying case

*Ideal for underground sewer location and line detection



Frequency: 512Hz

Power Type: Battery

Battery Type: 6 AA Batteries

Work Time: Approximately 30 hours

Size: 512 x 110 x 118mm

Product Weight: 1.78lbs

Operating Temperature: -20 to 50°C



Line transmitter or sonde needed for location (Not included)

Never use the antenna rod for prying or digging or anything but locating. A hard case is a good investment for preventing antenna damage.